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Kevin William Booth II, aka Kevin 11, is a recording artist from Williamstown, NJ. He was born to Kevin Booth, Sr. and Kimberlee Booth. He is the oldest of three children and has two younger brothers.

Being from Williamstown, NJ, Kevin 11 experienced life in the suburbs growing up. He grew up in a two parent household and never experienced poverty. This allows Kevin 11 to bring a new and fresh perspective to the music scene.

Influenced by the sounds of 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay Z and Drake, Kevin 11 is a lyricist known for his catchy flows and melodic hooks. He is capable of spitting witty one liners, and writing advanced story telling melodies that accurately explain how he is feeling and what he is experiencing on a day to day basis. Kevin is someone who enjoys positivity and laughter, as you will be able to tell thru his music.

In March 2016, Kevin 11 and longtime friend/video director, Mike Monark, started a video production company called Monark Media, LLC. This unique partnership allows Kevin 11 to bring high definition quality visuals to all of his songs, allowing his audience to fully understand his creative expression.

Currently, Kevin 11 is hard at work preparing to give fans a new mixtape in the future, and is preparing to hit the road to share his music with new fans.






SnapChat: itskevkev11 Soundcloud:


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